A logo is the pivotal first impression for your business, we understand just how important a logo is to the success of a brand. A logo defines a brand and becomes the face of a business. We appreciate that a logo needs to convey a complicated and customised message to your specific audience. We understand the importance of defining clear goals, enabling us to ensure the right outcome.

As a craft, logo design looks seemly simple, yet terrifyingly hard. A logo should always follow a few simple rules to make sure it is readable, scalable, versatile and memorable. A logo design starts long before an image is created, it starts with a conversation, which becomes a written brief, before pencil sketches are created.

Logo Design Melbourne & Geelong

Our custom and handcrafted logo designs created right here in Geelong, achieve amazing results for businesses all over Melbourne and Adelaide. We are passionate about designing identities that elevate brands and speak louder than words. Let us create a stunning logo that sets you apart from your competition because you deserve to love your logo.

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